Moon Womb

Moon Womb

For the beauty of YOU
your sleep
your womb
your bump
your baby
your mood

The moon womb!!

I was waiting quite a while to purchase any of those until I reached now my third trimester, I could not wait to finally have it in my mailbox….

The moon womb is a beautiful product from, a website for mothers or mothers to be that care for 100% fair organic sustainable motherhood provisions that grow a new little conscious being for this world.

This spoke to me fully and now lying in bed supported by my indigo tie-dye moon womb I feel pretty excited to hug it afterward, supporting my belly bump, into sleep.

Since two years The Sustainable Baby Co. is now offering their safe and healthy products for mom and baby.
The moon womb I got it usable during my pregnancy as a beautiful baby bump support and relaxation help, plus after for nursing, sleeping and lounging of the baby.

I love the smell of the filled up buckwheat pillow.
I feel good about the choice of their vegan and eco-friendly materials, which are breathable, hypoallergenic and best is washable.

The pouch to take the cover off is extra treated with organic lavender and chamomile flowers which make it another aromatherapy sensation and definitely helps when trying to find your beauty sleep.

I only spent 3 nights with it so far but I am already a big fan and feel the baby will love it as much.
From maternity to cuddle time, this pillow has you covered….. THAT IS MOST DEFINITELY.

The best of all is that the beauty of my moon womb purchase also supports other mothers in need, while The Sustainable Baby Co. donate 10% of every single purchase to those.

In love with my fully compostable moon womb pillow, beautifully colored with natural indigo.

Thank you The Sustainable Baby Co. my little one will be definitely conscious about it…
Now it is time for my beauty bump sleep smelling the calming aromas from my half-moon-shaped pillow I hug.