Mama Knows

Mama Knows

Mama Knows
If you feel the greek goddess Artemis in you during a full moon or
if you behave like the Tillerman‘s herb witch when you start collecting wildflowers and spices in the backyard.
She knows,
if you are on a stroll through Paris munching into the best croissant, then she feels you dreaming of your white Italian lace wedding in Tuscany.
That the Siren Song in you has awakened when dating Mister One was clear for her after judging the gelato traces around your mouth.
What a picolla Sirenetta she must think proudly by herself knowing that usually, you would only be the girl with the IntiFruit ice cream taste…
Mama just simply because you know it is true
while you both sun tan along the beaches of the Adria, she will whisper in your ear happily with a silent and wise tone:
Ti amo“!

This is poesy, this is passion, this is love and joy of the beautiful new collection from Family Affairs.
What a story to be inspired by, what a cotton feeling on your skin, what a blessing of a dress.
I love it all.

I hang in there like I read my newest astrology forecast, I feel the clothes on me like I literally taste the ice cream with it.
I just simply adore it and know the source is full of pure AMORE.
I would even say I am one of them, the fairies that carry those stories along.
Thank you, Nina, Thank you Family Affairs, you just always have the right spot in my heart.

Get your dreamy outfits here and enjoy the poetic summer with them and in them.


Collection all ethical and vegan, designed by Family Affairs
Photography by Karin Heer