Positive Colours

Positive Colours

the best state of mind
a happy cause

Together they make the perfect happy match:
Positive Colours
a new brand, based in Switzerland, designed in Romania, sourced from Italy and the Netherlands and freshly online now on


I had the honor to get an invite for the launch event yesterday evening at The Square space in Geneva.

My dear friend Tania Grace Knuckey is not only an amazing woman but as well a fantastic designer who designed the fun fashionable eye-catching prints and helped with the color choice for this very first collection.

The collection is simply based on one garment which is the shirt. The shirts are cut for men or women and mainly out of cotton with a few non-vegan silk options from the Netherlands.
Most importantly, it is local, fun and fair produced in Romania.
The store is now online. Ready for us to be hit and to find the new shirt to purchase for a happy positive wardrobe full of colours.

My secret tip:
There is a red shirt with blue hearts!!!!.I know a good day for this model..(Mother’s Day, this coming Sunday…just saying!!)

Happy to have witnessed the freshness of the brand yesterday night.
The event was lovely, the owners are caring and the print designer is as outstanding as the shirts are.
The collection was captured in a very matching way by the Geneva-based Art Photographer Annik Wetter.
The great lookbook shoot reflects the playful prints which almost reminds of an art piece and the simplicity & practicality of a shirt itself. All this in a very fashionable Zeitgeist manner.

Beauty, all in all,
from the people behind all of this,
from the product as an outcome
from the launch of this colorful, wonderful first collection!
Positive yes
Colours yes

Thank you for this Positive Colours