Jessie’s Geneve

Jessie's Geneve

A vegan food box we might know by now.
The thing to figure out where and what to eat as a plant-based foodie became sort of easy and relaxed. Certainly, it goes uphill.
But what about the rest of our vegan cruelty-free choices? Which have a big impact as well…
For example, our cosmetic utensils?
Jessica from has the perfect answer for this.

Jessica is a law student and a real Genevan, which is rare to find.
Born and raised here and quickly discovered her love for animals and voicing up their rights.
That is why law as a study subject makes total sense. Her goal is to protect the animals and speak up for them, what they can not verbalize she wants to do and set and end to all the cruelty and torture we still often have to find.
But Jessica already trained her voice for animals…
She created a box full of cruelty-free vegan and mostly local cosmetic products to show the Genevans, Swiss and in the future the Europeans how easy it is not to only eat without any animal ingredients but also how to treat our biggest organ the skin with fresh local plant-based nutrients.

Jessie’s Geneve is how she named her brand where she researches with lots of care, passion and love the right cosmetic brands for us.
Preferably produced in Switzerland but it can also be from a nearby country or sometimes you might even find an exceptional product from the U.S.A.
But her goal is to keep it local, to keep it fresh and veganly beautiful.

You can order her boxes as a special treat or gift, or you can go for the deal of getting the box surprise every 2nd month.
Delivered right to your home, no need for hours of reading all the labels in your close by cosmetic store and figuring out if it is vegan or not. Jessie will gladly do this for you and you can just feel spoiled by all the newest treats and lines in the cruelty-free cosmetic world.

Jessie’s ultimate dream:

That Jessie’s Geneva becomes a  Mondial reference in vegan cosmetics. When you think SEPHORA, you think cosmetics. When you’ll think JESSIE’S, you’ll think vegan and cruelty-free products!

But besides her goals of Jessies as a vegan cosmetic platform, she is eager to use it as a way for animal right promotions:

I would like to promote animal welfare with Jessie’s. If the company is a reference, we can promote videos and articles about cruelty.

I had the honor and fun to test out one of her boxes after her I met Jessica for a first time on her opening night the 7 of April at FOOUND.

That is also where she promoted her extra goal of the Jessies Geneva vegan cosmetic store opening. Would it not be great to have a store of all the natural, plant-based products she finds for us collected in one store?
I am definitely dreaming with her and if you want to support her with me see her crowdfunding here!

Beauty is seen as a luxury…but actually, it should all stay natural which makes it the real beauty in itself.
We should not let others suffer in order for us to look better…? Who would even feel good about that when you know your shampoo you use made little mice or dogs blind or suffer to death..? Definitely no good karma in there!!!
I suggest you keep on checking those labels before you put it on your skin or if you feel to lazy to figure it all out: has the box ready for you!!!

Thank you, Jessica for that beautiful treat,
I enjoy the Kosho Creamy Cleansing Creme with its awakening matcha effect, the Karin Herzog Hand and Nail Creme to smoothen my yoga hands, the mi-ny Glam Lacquer with the fiery red color makes me fancy, and the sweet red-tinted lip balm from E.L.F. is smelling sooo nicely fresh and minty. Plus I will definitely take the little almond cleansing milk from Weleda and the moisturizing creme from Cloche take with me on my next trip. Oh and not to forgot the Anti-Age Night Creme from One Beauty, I save up for when my child is born and I have some sleepless nights…

If you want to know the founder’s personal beauty ritual, I asked her and that is her own little beauty tip right here:

I wash my face with the Creamy Cleansing from Kosho. Then I use the Additional Sweets Face Cream from Karin Herzog to hydrate my skin. Finally, I use the Karin Herzog BB Crème: I love how it smells! I use the E.L.F palette for my eyes.I love the mascara Le Film Noir for Nabla Cosmetics.

I would say, keep on shining beauty with some animal-friendly karmic skin.
Why would you put something on your skin you would not put in your mouth, am I not right?

Make this Jessies Geneva a reality!