Only you can make me feel so lovely

Only you can make me see the beauty of an urban street

Only you can put it into style no matter what it is

Paris with chocolate and croissants covered

I found you again in a new way of light

this time you get to tour with me…

Exactly a week ago I came home from my mini minimoon with my newly husband from a long weekend trip to Paris.
I took it on the chance to make some vlogging and give you news of a Paris I have not known before. The french love their meats and cheese but look voilà the vegan crowd has put on the french look.
Here my tip list you can also find on my vlog above or on youtube:

Café Pinson:
Gluten free and vegan café

Raw Café and Juice Bar

Gluten-free bakery (also with vegan and gluten free items like the pain au chocolat I had)

Le potager du Marais:
Vegan delicious french cuisine just next to Le Pompidou Museum

Gentle Gourmet:
Vegan Gourmet Restaurant with even gluten free options.

They do not have it on the menu, but they make gluten free vegan sandwiches for takeaway.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of the french capital next time on a plant-based way. If I could say, they do it as good as their known for their gourmet tongue.
Only love is all there is and this in Paris….