VLOWERS-Vegan Genevoise

VLOWERS-Vegan Genevoise

The first time it is fun!

But doing it for the second time is even BETTER!!!

I speak about my writing joy and sharing this with the joyful vegan lifestyle magazine VLOWERS.
Based in Zürich and found mainly in the swiss german part of Switzerland.
But I bring it to the Frenchies of this country.

For the 8th issue of VLOWERS, the Winter 2016/17 magazine, TheOrganicFashionUtopia could share itself on a double page on lifestyle.


Vegan Genevoise is a little insight on how I survived my first year in the kind of very french city of Switzerland which is obviously Geneva.
I speak about the juices from FFT Fruit For Thought,

the best apple cinnamon pie which is gluten free and only to find at the Peanut named Café Cacahuète,
the hearty sandwiches at Une Bonne Santé,

my absolute Must-Go Oubienencore which is the best hang out also in the case of emotional downs, since you always leave happy there, so much love and goodness in their food,

& I talk about the dreamy quiet weekends where I treat myself with raw goodies from Ursula at the Plainpalais Sunday market stand “Be vegan and make peace” 

or how get my Matcha Latte needs to be calmed at Boréal Coffee Shop which is one of the only ones open on a Sunday…



Yes, wonderfully strange this “Geneva town”, but I find my vegan Genevoise way to go and believe me or not there is more to discover…slowly but surely.

Thank you VlOWERS for letting us share this with you!
If you are in the swiss german part make sure to look out for the beautiful wintery looking Issue of this season. TheOrganicFashionUtopia gets to speak on page 6&/7, but there is sooo much more to read and love in this magazine!


I love to get to share with my vegan friends and VLOWERS. We are good friends and both of us care to shine this animal-friendly light even brighter…