Other might say they are simple, but you know how special they are to you

They fit perfect to you and are here for you for every adventurous occasion or lazy days at home

They are friendly, care as much about the environment as you do and feel happy when they do goods to mother nature

They are your best ones, they are:



GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE is a start up brand, based in Seattle and creates just one item only: BlACK LEGGINGS.

So simple, so pure but totally correct.

As a yoga teacher, and hobby runner I wear leggings more often than normal pants. We live in a time of loving the active wear as much as our mom’s loved their deux-pièce. It is our everyday look and we are constantly ready for that run or the new course to join.


Bad news though is that most active wear items are fabricated with polyester and although there is no animal sourced fiber in it, it is not the best friend of our loving mother earth. Polyester produces a lot of oil. Truth is, that all those fun tights and leggings are made with non-renewable fossil fuel sources.

Not ok!!….You might agree.
This makes buying a pair of leggings much harder than it seems.

BUT, the beauty your girlfriend to shine is, speaking of GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE, that the polyester is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and produced in a fair trade manner in Vietnam.

Next to the AMAZING leggings  production news, they also decided to spend their money, not on big advertising but rather use the money to give away your first pair for free so the news gets spread in a friendly manner.


She is smart that girlfriend right?

Well, I got my pair and you should get yours too!!!

Now! Be a part and say Thank you, Girlfriend!!!