It has been a long long journey …

But finally I tell you something

I am a believer of:

super consciousness

super energy

 super power

and lastly also super food!!


I would be the person that takes the CHIA as a pudding, the COCONUT OIL on my skin, the GUARANA in my coffee, the SPIRULINA in a shot, the GOJI berries on and in about everything I take and the MATCHA as a latte to go.

I had spoons of ACAI, MACA, AND WHEATGRASS in my breakfast, smoothies or desserts. CHLORELLA was the color of my water I drank. So it was absolutely normal that I would have MORINGA IN MY SALAD SAUCE!!!

I can say with no doubt: been there, done that!!

I do not doubt any of the beneficial effects of all those powdered herbs and plants neither do I not support the people who have them in their daily meals.

But speaking with my gut and digestive brain I knew, I was in need of a super powder food break.

That smart man named Oscar Wilde already told us:


I felt this and even tough I am right now on a pause or a break with my relationship to super food in powder form. Right now, I rather take it in its natural form and have some ayurvedic herbs along with it.But as I said, even though there is this little stop in my case, I still believe,that if you want the shot that gives you:


Makes you shine like a diamond of all the vitamin a,c and e

Healing for your inflammation and wounds

A cleansed liver….

Then, you should go for this  super power food called

You should go for this  super power food called MORINGA

You can easily mix it in your salad sauce or in your green juice and a smoothie. A little spoon will already give you all its benefits and power the special horseradish tree contains.

I have an organic sourced and beautiful packaged Moringa Oleifera from the swiss located brand:

EARTHICALLY which is caring for Holistic Herbal Healing rooted and sourced by the Divinity & Providence of Mother Earth.

Beautiful and Happy Moringa in my hands and for sure I am going to reuse it again and again.