It has this special beautiful light pink colour
sometimes it appears almost yellow.
It is glowing in the sun.
Carries the light of the sun in it’s skin and flesh.
The flesh, which is made out of several little parts, almost like cells.
It feels organic
we may say even sensual
It is round and soft,
bitter sweet and juicy.
It boosts you and makes you smile
like no other of its kind….



My love for grapefruits is partly kind and partly to be defined.

It comes in seasons like the fruit itself.

It comes in boosts and then I know it is a Grapefruit kind of time.

Grapefruits are for me one of the most sensual fruits there are, cut in half they remind me of the female power source we unfortunately often try to hide.


Grapefruits have many good benefits for us woman. If we do not overdo it of course, because as usually if you do it too much it can be the opposite and based on its acidity it can cause heartburn.

In general though, a Grapefruits is a great source of Vitamin C and carries lots of antioxidants.

It is not overloaded with sugar but carries lots of fiber which cleanses and protects our intestine and therefore it is a perfect aid for digestive problems like bloating or constipation that we often face with hormonal imbalances.
Having said that, it is a great adding and one of the only fruits allowed when having Candida which on the other hand increases most likely through the contraceptive pill. Grapefruit kills does yeast infection bacterial problems gently and lovingly away.


It is one of the fruits that even helps us boost our metabolism and wakes up our adrenal gland tiredness which is also a big energy sucker with hormonal issues.

A grapefruit is successfully detoxifying our body and most importantly our kidney and liver, which are the two sad organs that suffer from all those hormone medicines we might have taken or still are taking.
The pill and other hormonal synthetic intakes work hard on our kidneys and liver. They get worked out, stressed and tired. We might feel more like the organs itself: STRESSED, TIRED, AND WITH A TIRED KIDNEY OUR PANIC ATTACKS AND ANXIETY BECOME A HIGH…GRAPEFRUIT IS A HERO IN THIS. Cleansing and detoxifying those two organs you may feel suddenly more in balance.

Curing my own hormonal issues and digestive problems, I  added GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT to my own healthy balanced diet.But also here it needs to be said: do not overdo it and make sure you do not have a high on oestrogen since that may be too much for you in that case.

For sure is: From time to time going into the grapefruit love phase is a good thing.Definitely there is a reason why this fruit looks so much like our beautiful sexual female genitals…..THE GRAPEFRUIT IS BORN TO HELP FEMALE POWERS.!


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