It is been a while since I have had real cheese.

Creamy, herb, old, new, ripe slightly stinky fermented cheese.

I have had those fake vegan cheese sometimes…but nada not my favourite cheese replacer and not nearly as stinky and somehow pickled as cheese is.


But then I had it again, that same feeling came back…mmmmh it is creamy, mmmmh it feels like you eat something rotten but in a good way, it has those years of ripening taste in it, the good old cheese feeling came back into my mouth even if I never really craved for it, I LOVED IT.


But wait….NO!! I did not have the real one, it is the NEW ROOTS one. The CASHEEZE cheese.

The cheese made by a beautiful young brand from Luzern in Switzerland named New Roots. I don’t know how they do it but they transform their cashews in such a magical way that it becomes a greek cheese or a french inspired blue cheese or a creme cheese with a herb spice or many many other sorts.



I had the cream cheese as a dip with cucumbers, served with friends and lime coco water

I had the camembert soft cheese with a rooty salad served for myself and hardly shared with anyone…since it is too good to be true…


I had the greek style cheese with curcuma chickpea pancakes for brunch and it was the best match I could have dreamed off.


I am looking forward for the late summer nights with a glass of vegan wine and my casheeze…almost like a real suisse romande…

I can get used to that…no problem, but in my way though:  stinky but keeping it local and animal friendly…

They call it the plant based alternative to cheese. I call it the real way to cheese and this says a granddaughter of a real swiss cheesemaker….namacheese!!