Sacred Island for Women

Sacred Island for Women



I came back from the sacred island for women weekend in Gland.


I was mainly acting as the good angel goddess making sure that:

the women have their bed ready to dream in,

their food served to get nourished &

their space open and safe to let go and enjoy their woman and sisterhood.

I was the karma angel with the helping hand,

the observer seeing emotions that got revealed and released,

the woman with the smile to spread that things are ok

the from time to time adding participant getting a soft slight glimpse of all that was happening.

The T O F U girl standing my Yoni rights

And then when all felt right and flowing, I got some time..

Some time for the I, the Me and the Myself.

It was in those moments when I could reveal as well, when I felt old pain rising, when I knew I am HEALING.



Even though I was not sharing the same amount the women shared, I still got sucked in to the beautiful wave of slowly seeing myself again, loving myself, knowing where the pain sits.

This all happened at the “island” just at the lake, amongst nature:

Where we healed the grass by lying on it with our bare bodies,

we blessed the flames by sending our intentions in it with hands full of roses,

we nourished the water by our shells full of empowerment &

the wind oh the wind heard it all, the laughs and the tears,

the songs and the silence.


Now being back and honestly I am tired, tired because I might have realised I need to let go, let go of things that do not give me the energy back I put into. SELF LOVE AND TRUST. The healing is deeper then you realise, the love is stronger then you know. Keep on going lovely angel keep on going and your patience will be rewarded because like all those women you shared the space with you are a FEMME SAUVAGE, A WILD WARRIOR GODDESS.

I am bowing to all those souls I could witness regaining their colors, the beautiful connections I made in the nourishing kitchen paradise where we created the goddess food, I am bowing to the two main actors Ela and Kasey and I am bowing to MYSELF, THE ME AND THE I.

What is left are the realisations, the memories, the henna prints on my feet and the magic wand on my wall.

Thank you for being part of your journey.