Joy 4 Spirit

Joy 4 Spirit

There is Joy in all of us.

If only we let the spirit in.

There is Joy in all of us.

If only we feel connect to mother earth.

There is Joy in all of us,

If only we accept and feel the elements around and in us.

There is Joy in all of us.

Let the spirit shine through you,

through space,

through wind,

through fire,

through water

and finally grounding into the earth.

The Joy 4 Spirit Festival reminds us on all of this!


Organised by Ela and Kasey the passion of Ayurveda and Yoga came together and we could celebrate under the theme of the 5 elements the Joy4Spirit Festival in a beautiful location right at the lake close by Geneva in Gland.

Being part of it as an observer, helper but at the end it did not matter if teacher or student we did not feel a differentiation within this. The most important thing we have learned again was to reunite, connect and know that we are all humans of the earth, embracing the space, moving with the wind, evoking the fire to feel the passion to get into balance and harmony so we flow like water and at the end knowing that we are being made of the same nature- the earth.




No need to escape to exotic countries in South East Asia or India to reconnect to all of this. It is the people that make it happen, the crowd you move in, the heart you open up to them and to yourself; in order feel again your soul, body and mind connection within you and all this just a few minutes away from your normal reality.Being nourished amongst local nature  and with delicious plant based food.



The Joy 4 Spirit Festival was a great event with beautiful different workshops on Ayurveda with Dr.Neela Sheth, Ayurveda Massage with Ela Ravier and Thai Massage with Jens Philipp Sterz, we learned about Permaculture with Jenny, did Yoga with 3 wonderful Teachers and traveled with the Shaman Olivier and Joelle through the 5 elements. Furthermore we got enchanted by Jérôme and Nadeida from INA with intuitive music from the earth.



A beautiful collective, a beautiful time and a beautiful reminder of the gift we all have inside of us and feel the JOY.

Thank you Ela and Kasey.

Hoping for a revival next year.