P for Protein

P for Protein


As a vegan you always get to hear: BUT WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN FROM??? BUT TELL ME WHERE????

Yes do not worry. I have it all in control.

My bags are full of ………


nuts are a perfect adding to your breakfast, lunch and dinner and give the whole meal a certain crunch or creaminess, in case you use the nut butter.

Nuts are not just loaded with proteins they also have the healthy fats our brain needs to focus and stay healthy.

Do not be afraid of the word fat. We need exactly those happy healthy fats.



green peas are a wonderful vegetable protein source.

One cup contains 7.9 grams—about the same as a cup of milk.

I often buy the frozen organic ones, so you can even add it to your smoothie or just have them always fresh and ready.


Quinoa is not just a super tiny cute grain. It is actually a seed which make it even more adorable.

Plus it has it contains more than 8 grams per cup.

Next to that it also covers all the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs to grow and repair.

So perfect for a vegan gluten free diet to put it in all the meals you wish for.


another of my favourites.

I am just in love with humus, all sorts of humus, humus in pink, green, yellow, brown.

Just simply humus it up and you get up to more then 7 grams of protein by just blending half a cup into a delicious- yes I say it again- humus spread.



Beans are another great source of protein.

For my flavour they always feel a bit too heavy in my tummy.

But sometimes on a cold wintery day it is perfect to add some kindly beans in your soup and you have a good amount of protein intake by eating this.


those I prefer to beans and they have luckily the same benefits as beans have.

Adding to any curry you make or as pasta it is simply  a great filler.

If you eat gluten free, lentil pasta should be always in your kitchen: So if craving for pasta you have vegan gluten free protein amico in one go



sweet lupine is part of the bean and legume family.

It is a very good more local sourced replacer for soy in case you have problem digesting that.

Sweet Lupine is super high in amino acids and proteins.

You can buy it as a flour and powder like the one from veganpowerfood I got and like this you can easily add it to all kinds of sauces, juices, smoothies on a daily basis.


Yes, soy is a bit in a clinch ..there is a huge over production in soy products and lots of modifications are done on it.

It is very important you get the Non GMO soy but the organic and yes mostly more expensive organic one.

But it is worth it. The world and all the rain forest will thank you for that.

But by buying the good soy product you should totally have once in a while a soy produce since it is super high in protein and therefore a perfect source for a vegan diet.



veggies are of course not really winning against nuts and legumes in the protein battle.

But there is still a good amount of protein in leafy greens. Especially if you mostly eat plants it adds up to a great amount of the P macro.

The best by the way is broccoli.



Mushrooms are neither vegetable nor roots,

But they are known as the meat of the vegetable word.

Mushrooms are right now on a daily basis in my meal ingredients.

They are the underestimated super food that we might forget sometimes.

But eating mushrooms especially the white or brown champignons raw or cooked are a perfect source for minerals, selenium, b vitamins and funny thing  that to mention: PROTEIN.



I love hemp

It tastes nutty and makes my smoothie or juice nice and creamy

I also love to add some hemp seeds over my salads.

Also great to add it in your sauces or pestos as a binder with protein power.

Hempseed are available in seeds or as a powder.

This makes it very easy to just add some teaspoons on each meal you have.


chia seeds are to some like fish eggs, but to me they are the best omega fat delivery produce there is.

I have them almost every morning either in my smoothie, juice or I add them the night before in a glass and soak them with plant based milk or coconut water to enjoy the next day as the best protein loaded pudding there is.

Topped with some fruits and nuts and you have the perfect start in the day.



with those I do not mean the beautiful flowers they have or the oils they produce. No I mean the seeds of those great plants.

Sunflower seeds you can find in all my salads most of the time.

Sometimes I even make homemade crackers out of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

All those seeds are a great accessory to your meals and give you a great amount of the P word we are looking for.

Just so you know, sunflower is the winner followed by sesame.



In the fruit section dates are after cantaloupe one of the big protein sweet delivery agents.

I did not add cantaloupe because when living in europe it is way harder to get this then those delicious little  bites like dates are.

Dates are also known as the holy bread in some countries and this for a reason.

They boost your potassium which will help you avoid deficiencies that can lead to health problems.

The have lots of great minerals and are the perfect portable snack.

Plus when craving sweets it is the perfect calmer of the sweet alarm in your brain. Since this is one of the good sugars.

When eating dates you’ll also be helping to achieve your fiber goals for the day, as they’re a good source that will help your cholesterol levels as well as stabilize your blood sugar levels.

I love to combine them with Brazilian nuts as a vegan snicker snack or dessert and I am in heaven!!



the most creamy and smooth fruit there is and so versatile is avocado.

Avocado is a protein filled fruit and has lots of good fats that our body and brain needs.

You boost your focus by adding some more avocado to your meals.

In a green smoothie to get the creaminess, mashed into a amazing guacamole, turned into a raw pie creme or topped on salads-either way delicious.



this is my favourite part and I kept it for the last.

Hmm raw chocolate is just one of my precious life elixir and happily it is also very healthy.

Next to the fact that it is loaded with iron we also get our protein from it as a vegan god or goddess we like to eat beautiful food like this.

Other tip:

Either you go for the raw chocolate heaven bite at night or there is a great Pur Ya Vegan Protein Drink with the Cacao-Carob flavouring.

This special drink combines the carob, pumpkin and hemp protein in one. YES a winner for a vegan chocolate flavoured drink from time to time.