I never really understood Love

Before you

I did not understand how full my heart can feel

Love seamed like madness

I honestly could not understand why someone would put themselves through so much suffering

But then I met you

and for you I would put up with endless misery

If I could have you

I climb mountains

and I cross oceans

You are my world

& it scared me because at any moment my world could end

The tiniest things make my heart skip beats

The birthmark next to your nose

The way you pronounce my name

I wanted all the beautiful parts of you


I wanted all the ugly parts too

It is about standing next to you

tell you that my world only started spinning once you said yes

I don’t want to say I do

because that would be too easy

I would rather say:

WE DID, when they said we shouldn’t

WE DO, when they said we wouldn’t

I would rather say:


even when they say we can’t



This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

A short film for Australian  Marriage Equality 2016

since it is still not the case there and where as here in Switzerland it is allowed to be registered as a gay couple but to be married is another thing…

I am voting for LOVE

Gay or hetero.

Love is what counts and I do not and will not understand why it takes us so long to understand.

This short film shows in a beautiful message that it does not matter which gender you are and which gender you love.

It makes me think about my own love

I choose to love a man

But that does not mean that I could also love a  woman

It is about the person I saw and love but not about the gender

It also makes me think about my dear friends and my lovebird goddesses living in Australia.

I had the honour to be there when they met, those beautiful two girls, women and priestesses of my heart.

I had the honour to see how they fell for each other and how they still LOVE deeply and with all it takes.

This is for YOU

my Love C being next to me and I underline every word above for you and even changed the text for you

and This is for  YOU

my Love H&C being across the sea but so much in my heart.


I wish everyone to feel Love and be open to it

once you found it you know it does not matter if you found it in a man or a woman

It is the person that counts, the beautiful soul that makes your world spin.










Director: Laura Nagy – www.lauranagy.com
Writers: Nirrimi Firebrace – www.fireandjoy.com, Samuel Leighton-Dore – www.samuelleightondore.com, Laura Nagy
Actors: Bianca Bradey, Madeleine Withington
Cinematographer: Emma Paine – www.emmapaine.com
Editor: Nicholas Lever – www.tazer.co
Stills Photographer: Samantha Heather – www.samanthaheather.com
Sound Designer: Jay Daly
Production Designers: Nicholas J Ford, Ash Bell – www.ashbell.net
Stylist: Julia Rose
Title Designer: Natasha Saba – www.natashasaba.com
Camera Assistant: Jac Norton
Bridal Dresses: Kelsey Genna – www.kelseygenna.com
Stage: Holler & Haul – www.hollerandhaul.com
Music: “Stones” by Bec Sandridge – www.facebook.com/becsandridgemusic