Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies


Life is too beautiful to not have Breakfast Cookies

Last sunday I got up late, did my yoga and even took a bath so I was starving and breakfast became a brunch kind of event with afternoon cookies combined in one go:

But a good girl stays a good girl and I started with a nice greenmonster smoothie:

Green Monster Drink:

1 handfull of spinach

1 big apple

4 slices of fresh ginger

juice of 1 lemon

1,5 dl coconutwater

1-2 dl water

blend it all together


while letting my partner in crime taking care of blending the greens the naughty breakfast cookies were baking and I prepared a nice warming  ABP-porridge to go with:

naughty breakfast cookies:

1 mashed ripe banana

6 big spoons of glutenfree oats

1dl sojamilk

1 biiiig spoon of organic sugarfree peanutbutter

1 big spoon of raw chocolate chips

2 big spoons of organic canadian maple syrup

mix it all together, in case its too liquid add more oats or if it is too dry add more sojamilk

with a big spoon take a portion and form a flat cookie on a baking sheet

it gives you up to 6 cookies with the amount I added

Let it bake on middle heat for up to 15 to 20 min

those cookies have lots of proteins because of the soja, banana and peanutbutter

we love vegan proteins and this combined in a cookie makes it even better


warming ABP porridge:

1 apple sliced

1 banana sliced

1 pear sliced

2 handfull of glutenfree oats or quinoa flakes

add all of those ingredients in a pot and drink it in sojamilk till its almost covered

and let it cook with adding cinnamon while boiling

cook it all till the oats and fruits did soak in all the milk

at last add 1 big spoon of mulberries so they don’t get too soft but still warm up a bit

By adding the fruits with the oats in the beginning it all becomes even sweeter and has a nice ABP taste full of warming vitamins and fibers.



Of course I already planned this ahead and prepared the night before a perfectly Omega6 loaded

Chia Pudding Party Glass:

2 big spoons of chia seed add in to a 2dl glass

fill it up with the plantbased milk you prefer (I mostly do it with almond or soja milk)

and add some goji berries

mix it all with a spoon so the can the chia’s can mingle between the goij’s during the night in the fridge

next morning slice up half a banana and add it on top

with some few extra goji berries


Maybe this inspires you for your next Sunday or any other day you have time to prepare a big glutenfree, sugarfree, vegan breakfast.

I am sure those cookies are also amazingly tasty on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning or any other day….

Speaking about the Porridge, this anyway goes everyday … at least for me and the green monster is a must on a good behaviour day!