12th Night

12th Night


When the winter spook of the “Rauhnächte” diffuse into the regalement christmas scents, the dark demons are finally banished in the night of the 05.01.2016, the night before the Epiphany.

It is the 12th night since the 25th and the day before the 6th of january where the three Kings appear.

It is the night we finally say goodbye to the old year, to the old demons and energies and welcome the new.

This night has a special power, it is loaded with new flowing energie.

The myth says that during this night animals start to speak.

A perfect night to light an incense and clear out your room from old energies.

Say goodbye with gratitude and welcome the New.

I am fully energetically loaded and can’t sleep so I knew I need to share this mystical knowledge with you.

I am here with my candlelight on, my incense is burning, my windows are wide open for letting go the old and my cat is watching me attentive

What will flow flows in a good way


Happy New YOU