Do you know those lazy sundays you can’t get your wheel turning on its full speed and you are too lazy to hold a fork and cook a whole meal that you need to eat with fork and spoon.

Then Hummus and Crackers are the best solution:

But be aware of garlic breath afterwards….(tipp: have some fresh parsley at home to fresh up your breath)


The hummus I made is a delicious creamy THYME HUMMUS:

250g chickpeas

2,5 tablespoon tahini creme

1 garlic clove

chopped parsley

chopped basil

chopped fresh thyme (as much as you fancy)

juice of one big lemon

50ml olive oil (get good organic one)

1/4 teaspoon himalaya salt

a bit of black pepper

1 teaspoon cumin


blend it all together in a foodprocessor and once it is nice and smooth you have the most delicious fresh hummus for being dipped by


Honestly it is the coolest feeling to make your own crackers and even cooler when it is so easy and fast:

100g buckwheat flour

30g flaxseed

50g sesame seed

10g  arame  (dried sea vegetable—those you need to soak in water first for about 5 min)

1 nori sheet ripped in little pieces

125ml water

put it all in a foodprocessor and blend it till it forms a nice dough

the dough you let sit for about 10 min

after waiting patiently and not trying to already touch the hummus you can roll the dough out on a baking pan with a baking sheet on top so it won’t stick to your rolling pin.

Roll it out very thin and then cut it in stripes and squares whatever shapes and sizes you wish for your crackers.

Prick it with a fork before putting them into the oven so they won’t blow up too much (like you would do with a pizza)

Put in the oven ( 180°C ) for 25min


After this you “could” store the crackers in an air tight jar up to two weeks…but I never managed so far and had to eat them all….

enjoy your BEST lazy snack EVER