TheOrganicFashionUtopia is a vegan fashion lifestyle maglog= magazine blog.

T O F U  short for TheOrganicFashionUtopia…is exactly what I created for you.

A vegan fashion life in style with magic sparkles added on top like the rawchocolate covered goij berries you put on your chia pudding.

Season Based TheOrganicFashionUtopia will inspire you to live in harmony with nature and see the world as the garden in which we live.

TheOrganicFashionUtopia seeks to nurture mind and body by offering you the newest delicious veganista recipes, introducing you to the coolest vegan fashion  labels with protected animalove and sharing news about the best plant-based cosmetic concepts.

Next to that I love to feed my magic soul with yoga, moon vibes and rituals that belong on a daily basis.

In other words, T O F U  is set to inspire you to solutions to all of your vegan lifestyle needs.

It started with a magazine, that you can still download, and shaped now into a maglog where I will weekly nurture you with my discoveries, recipes, tipps and rituals.

A vegan lifestyle that meets your needs and as well those of the planet you live on.



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