Tula Magic

Tula Magic

I got invited to try out Tulayoga with Claire Lalande. I had no idea what it all contains and I was amazingly surprised.
You get to start by a wonderful full body massage to get the total feeling of letting go and surrender to this very special moment of time.
Being all released and body conscious in a beautiful kind of way the Yoga part comes in.
You get to trust, you get to learn to let go and just breath and relax.
The massage was a sort of preparation for those feelings. By having the yoga part it will all be intensified.
I closed my eyes during the whole part of floating in the air. Being supported just by Claire’s arms, hands and strong legs and feet.
Usually, I would be a bit tensed knowing how I balance around in the air like this. But receiving this certain feeling of trust from Claire, the true in her but most importantly the trust in your own self, it is a natural reaction to just let yourself fall into it.


First time I did it it was as if I am in space, under water or in another world.
She made me become the mermaid I was dreaming of.
The second time I could enjoy a Tulayoga session with Claire I got it right. It is a REBIRTH.
Tulayoga with Claire brought me back to this world. You learn to surrender to your own self and the situation you are in. By doing so you get into that state of deep relaxation and meditation that it brings you back to your truth. You feel the lightness of your own being and you feel the energy, the source that makes you trust and know that this is your moment of RESTART.



Thank you Claire! Thank you for witnessing and supporting the path to my inner source my inner light.
This is Tulyoga and this is Claire!
A whole new form of meditation,
a whole new way of making people fly,
release, surrender
and a whole new form of a healing yoga.
If you get the chance book your own Tulayoga session with Claire here. Or get to know more about the birth of Tulayoga and it’s background here.