I + M 





You might ask yourself now if you missed out on this in math class when you were in school…

No…this is not a mathematic calculation, this is the result of two powerful women who created 37 years ago a cosmetic brand named after their initials Inge and Monika : I+M both in love with nature, people, the world and caring for all those three named things and the beauty with in. I+M became a Berlin based new natural cosmetic brand that till today is strong in its own market.

Since 2013 the brand is in the hands of two powerful men instead of the 2 women and also got recently a refreshed new look.


With nice pink highlights you can easily recognise the brands philosophy and goal with their products.




All this they consider when producing the beautiful products that take care of our largest organ the skin.


By supporting fair trade production and giving groups of people better working perspectives they created a women house in Sambia.


All the ingredients are organic and the oils are cold pressed to keep the vitamins in good shape.


Coming from a herbalist like Inge, the founder of I+M, the products are all natural and plant based. There are no tests on animals either. They keep it herbal for real.

I got the pleasure to get to know the team of 10 people working on this beautiful brand in Berlin and over the last weeks I could even test a couple of products:


The Phyto Balance line truly balanced and harmonised my mixed skin and made it feel fresh and nourished with mallow, elder and aloe vera I could feel the phyto effect on my freshly glowing face.


The rest of my body I could clean and cream with a product named :Tausendschön, meaning Thousandbeautiful….. I MEAN WHO WOULD NOT FEEL BEAUTIFUL AFTER ALREADY READING THIS EACH TIME APPLYING…


I swear, the mind works with…I am sure of that. Not only the mind felt it but also my nose got really into the beautiful sent of the cream and shower gel. Daisy and Echinacea make a perfect combination; sweet and not too sweet, fresh and pure.


I am in love with your nature

Yes I am!
Dancing around those daisies in the grass field by leaving a wave of echinacea behind me and just imagining how to make the Phyto in our world more balanced and beautiful, this is me on I+M. Definitely a match, definitely got the calculation right behind your name…

Thank you I+M.