There are those days where my sensibility for having fun with fashion is very strongly present and then I just need to play with it.

When at the same time a pair of glasses arrive that are just almost yelling at you to ENJOY&HAVE FUN, it makes it very easy to do so.


Graduated from a fashion school I am Pro Fashion as long as it is fair produced, with an organic and good quality made and does not ignore on any price and level any human rights with it.

WILLOWS the L.A. based sunglasse brand is exactly all of that and embodies HAPPINESS in so many aspects!

Sasha, the beautiful women and founder of Willows creates all those amazing sunglasses herself with her own hands and puts a lot of love into each design.

When I first discovered her, I was soooooo amazed by the fact that there are crystals hanging around your ears. I love crystals, and by having them combined with your sunglasses makes so much sense.

You basically charge your crystal each time with beautiful sunlight when you wear you Willow glasses.

Plus it makes your sunglasses a necklace and a hint of an earring..Three in one go!

I like to call them:


The lovely Sasha made a special design for me with a clear crystal on the Sand Dune Model.

I love them. I love them on me and I love to see them on others.


My willows are glasses you need to see and share and then you love them even more.. So I invited my man to wear them and we had guess what: SO MUCH FUN!!!

Now we know: They look fantastic also on a man. Unisex for sure!!

I am super happy with it and although it is still winter here it gave me some happy spring feelings and as MYWILLOWS knows:


Thank you Sasha for this perfect adding piece to my crystal collection.

I am going to wear them on next full moon when I sit on the balcony surrounded by my other crystals charging moon energy.

 I am sure they make not only the sun look better but also the moon…