Being a vegan in Switzerland might be a bit harder then in other places in Europe because the scene is still small. This on the other hand makes it so beautiful and simple to quickly get to know each other.

One of those wonderful encounters happened to be with Vlowers ! Vlowers is a print magazine that informs about the joyful vegan living. Naturally it became quite quickly a T O F U friend and we started to hang out and exchange.

A result of this beautiful friendship is now out there for you to feel, touch, read, see and use:

TheOrganicFashionUtopia got to have a double page in the bright shining spring issue of Vlowers that is out since first of march and to find at several spots in the Swiss German part of Switzerland.

With the “Oh Apfelhaar”  article -which means “Oh apple hair ” – I inform about fruity vegan cosmetic to do yourself.


In Vlowers you can find  the T O F U spread under the chapter “Kosmetik aus Früchten” with  4 different D.I.Y.  products- from toothpaste to hair conditioner and from natural teeth bleaching over to a rosy make-up remover.

Officially this story consists out of 6 different products which I created  for TheOrganicFashionUtopia Issue N°1 and  especially share with you here on this page (to read more and see the whole story behind it you can download  Issue N°1 here)

Have a look, do it, feel it on your skin and become the  F(V)lower you would like to be, ready for this spring.

Thank you Vlowers.

I love to have you as our friend,  I know there is much more to be blossomed between us. This was just a happy yellow start..(you will get informed when the other plan(ts) are rooting

t o f u n1-diy-tofufruitylips

t o f u n1-diy-tofudiamondmouth

t o f u n1-diy-tofurosyfinish

t o f u n1-diy-tofu2.-banishwrinkels

t o f u n1-diy-tofu2freshbreath

t o f u n1-diy-tofu2.-banishwrinkels

t o f u n1-diy-tofu2hairconditioner