Oh dear “ Frau Gerolds Garten” you did something amazing by allowing those following Two to be in one of your garden beets.

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Sanikai– an ethical vegan fashion brand & concept store


Print Matters– a conceptual Magazine revolutionary group of six.

Basically if I speak personally:  My two passions combined in one store just like that…



SANIKAI, which makes the first  vegan fashion step a bigger and brighter one in Switzerland-

offers their own ethnical vegan fashion designs for Men and Women.

Next to that, they  give other designers, that they select carefully, a platform to have a market opportunity in Zürich.

This goes from handmade jewellery done by Swiss Designers, to products that support people in Jordan, over to Bamboo Toothbrushes and Byron Bay designed vegan nail polishes and after all this and even more you can also get a kit of Brazilian detox tea.

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Unfortunately I could not join the opening but I could have a first look before the official run started.

The store is beautifully located next to the famous Freitag Tower in Zürich,  in Frau Gerold Garden. Once you enter, you feel you are in a separate little village created by creative spirits.That is where they sit and spread their good intentions- just right to the left SANIKAI together with PrintMatters.

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The store is all in wood and invites you to discover those beautiful colourful happy vegan fashion items while smelling on some handmade goddess oils, being amazed by the rainbow coloured vegan nail polish and then sit down to just read and read and look and look trough a FINALLY GREAT SELECTION of independent magazines which PrintMatters has to offer.


Being a print lover and used to a good selection of magazine like in my old home city Amsterdam I am more then happy that PrintMatters took this as their challenge and call to make it also happen here in Switzerland.

I am very sure that the opening was a success and while I in the meantime brush my teeth proudly with the Bamboo Toothbrush, while carrying the sent of Goddess Oil-because obviously I am one, like all other women-, I can’t wait to walk into their store again to refill my beautiful PET-Recylced SANIKAI bag with other vegan fashion must-haves.

I keep you posted…


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