EvanHealy-The Skin Breathes

EvanHealy-The Skin Breathes


Although I prefer doing my own cosmetics and I am a believer of : simple things are the best you can give your skin and body… there are still so many beautiful cosmetic brands out there to discover and that support exactly those named beliefs.

EVANHEALY an North American organic cosmetic brand states it beautifully in their slogan:

The skin breathes




Let the Prana flow. It is the source of life. This makes  EvanHealy  so special since they do not reject this but instead work with it.

Each step of an EvanHealy Product  is done by hand. From the fields and forests where the plants that become the hydrosols, oils,and butters are harvested to the hand bottling and hand labelling of the finished  sustainable cosmetics.

Those EvanHealy angels are having an intimate connection with the plants and produce a line that is therapeutic and at the same bursting of vitality of the plant it is sourced. This vitality and prana that is kept alive you can see on the skin which will glow and shine beautifully.


All their products are based on being:

Certified organic

Wild crafted plants

Mineralrich clays

Sustainable harvesting practices

Holistically therapeutic

Complete Essential Oils

Flower essences


Free of GMO’s

Free of Parbens

Free of Artificial Fragrances

Free of Sulphates and Silicones

Not Tested on Animals


Vegan –

(except whipped shea butter for lips and wild carrot nourishing eye balm, they contain beeswax)


A brand to trust and to invest. A brand to treat yourself because it is simple, honest, caring, cruelty free, pure and full of life force.

Check out on their site all their different lines and they make it even fitting to your skin type.

Have fun chasing for your rose balancing kit or your green tea powder clay.…A pure love note for all of them.

Evanhealy -let us do some good skin breathing!