Sacred Journey Into Yoga for Women

LORRAINETAYLORYOGA-7Today is a special day.

Today is the day of a special person to me.

A person that I can call friend now, a person that I for sure call teacher of mine

and a woman that embodies a real goddess soul.

Exactly a year ago I would create a nice fire ceremony for all the other women joining me on this journey.

It was my Karma Yoga day and it was beautiful.

To speak more clearly:

I was doing my Teacher Training Certificate for Yoga in Thailand with this special lady I just described before, named Lorraine Taylor.

The TTC was not just a TTC it was a sacred journey into yoga for women. It opened up my horizon and it opened up a path for me that I keep on walking since I started with this at her course.

The goddesses are with me since and I love it.

The yoga practice to me became even more important then before and I am enjoying to keep on developing my yogi life including my rituals I embed into my daily schedule.

In a couple of month, April 3 it starts again and it could be your opportunity to do a beautiful TTC like I did one year ago……


The Sacred Journeys Into Yoga Teacher Training is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance registered Women’s Yoga Training led by Lorraine and a wonderful team of Guest Teachers. The course is a four week immersion into the depths and beauty of Yoga plus a supplementary exploration of Devotional Kirtan, Voicework, Sacred Dance and Tantra.

Sacred Journeys Into Yoga helps women reconnect with their feminine essence while balancing both the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies that lie within.

This is a very intense journey into spiritual transformation and this direct experience can not be learnt from any book.

This training covers the essential groundwork it takes to become a successful teacher and a powerful Yogini.

I underline all of the above said with a pink marker and say YES YES YES!

My energy started to flow totally different after finishing this training and it keeps on flowing in a magical way.

Worth looking at and worth considering if you are a woman and loving the yoga practice while getting to be more connected  with your inner source in your female body.

Lorraine will also come to Europe this summer but more to that soon on another note.

I will keep you updated and till then be inspired by looking at the video and maybe you consider doing it. IT WOULD BE  A ONE BEAUTIFUL MAGICAL EXPERIENCE TO GO FOR!



Pictures by Iza Viola Photography & Third Eye Lense