Femi Pleasure Memories


Just let go

Just let me go

Down the comfort lane

Straight to the open space

I begin the most important race

I know I will find the perfect spot

Just need some time to reconnect

the dots….

I am on a hunt

Reality can sometimes bite

But you can always turn over a new leaf

and believe in the next sunrise

The dust in my eyes

will not stop me

Reaching too high

Going too fast

and dancing always a bit to0 close to the edge

only to stay awake

So at this point




Femi Pleasure a sport, lifestyle, yoga, fitness brand for girls made in Warsaw by two sisters.

For me this brand has a special memory.

I met them on my Indonesia trip last Winter, their film crew stayed in the same bungalow village as I did in Kuta Lombok…. and I fell in love immediately.

I love when a brand speaks and gives you a certain lifestyle feeling with it.

A year later I would love to share their video “6800 miles to the sun” with you know.

Might be strange to post it now, might be not fitting to the season you experience right now BUT in my heart it is exactly right.

Sometimes you need a summer spreading brand like Femi Pleasure is, to feel warm while it is cold and rainy outside.

That said, they also have a nice collection for warm winter clothes.

Have a look.