Tonight till tomorrow is the NewMoon energy in the air.

This time it is the Capricorn which makes us work on our own life plans.

Think big. Set goals and BAM!

CAPRICORN is the zodiac sign of ambition, motivation and also a sign who gets the job done right.

Perfect time to already plant some seeds this month.

Make your list and plan how to reach those goals.

Of course that does not mean it is going to happen and work out tomorrow.

Patience is asked from us. Especially since we are still in Mercury Retrograde till the 25th  of January.

Obviously we know what we want but it could take some extra weeks or even months before we can accomplish everything.

I know exactly how it feels.

This site is a proof. The moment I wanted to put it online there were some problems with the web domain and I needed patience lots of patience.

That does not mean I would put my energy on hold. No, just keep on sending your vibes out and the universe will receive your  positive thoughts.

Everything has its time to shine and this retrograde just wants to give us some moments to review everything again, redo some points and then you are sooooo ready to start!!!

Stay calm and keep the list close by


Capricorn is symbolized by the goat climbing up the mountain. Be like this goat and get up again if the wind blows too hard. Be persistent and do not forget to reward yourself for all you have done so far.


Keep your crystals close to you. Be connected to those earthly diamonds that heal you. Since Capricorn is an earth sign, crystals are a perfect connection for you this month.


Plant some herbs in your kitchen. Not only it connects you with the earth element of Capricorn and calms your nerves on those retrograde moments but also fresh basil is sooooo much tastier then the dried one!!


Capricorn goes fort the long view and not the short lived road. So train your imagination and visualize yourself to already having reached your goals. This is a good mental Capricorn training.


Even when the Capricorn energy lets us plan some future life views it is still a sign that loves tradition. Surround yourself with family members or get inspired by somebody you feel close who has reached quite some steps yet.


Connect with the male energy around you.Capricorn is in the tenth house which symbolises the father, the authority, the masculinity. Give your Thanks to some man in your life that is important to you.Maybe even write your dad today.


Climb those mountains literally. Go out and up there. Feel connected to the earth, the height and know that you can reach way more then you believe you can.

Good thing I have a weekend in the mountains planned upcoming weekend.

This new moon post means especially a lot to me since it is the new start of my new site.

Good thing it is in Capricorn. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.

I reach my goals one step at a time and I hope this will develop further and further and you get inspired with me to live this vegan fashion life with style and magic.

Lots of