biofrais-tofu.6On my Vegan Geneva Discovery Tour I made my first visit to Biofrais yesterday and I was honestly overwhelmed.

Easy access by taking a bus from Geneva City center and you arrive there within 20min.

It is located in Saint Julien, which is already on french ground and makes the shopping experience a bit or quite a lot cheaper then buying it in Switzerland.

There we saw it, like a oasis in the dessert: BioFrais, in the middle of land a great shop to go if you live in Geneva or close by and want to find everything you need for the vegan, gluten free biological kitchen.

I was amazed and definitely go back.

I spent 2,5 hours in there because obviously I needed to check out all the shelves and each little corner.

They have recyclable packaging for the fruits and veggies, they have next to all their packaged great food also a whole shelf full of bagless items where you can refill or fill up a recycled paper bag or bring your own jar.

So I stocked up on those mulberries and goji berries, on medjool dattes and pumpkin seeds and without the packaging it is so much cheaper.

Perfect. This made my day and I had a full kitchen table of fresh bio veggies, fruits and all other sorts of produce that I need to create those delicious vegan meals.