Roasted Lovers

Roasted Lovers

roasted lovers 1

What to do when your boyfriend is busy building a shelf for your living room and you start to get hungry?

YES exactly you treat yourself and obviously him to some roasted carrots with tahini sauce and a oven baked roasted broccoli tofu mix.

Why roasted?

Because we love when it’s baking in the oven and builds a lovely crust, when it has this certain smokey taste that only roasting can create!


Roasted Carrots are fun and a nice finger food and a plus when you want to do something else with your carrots rather then having them only in your juice or in the salad. Like this they get full attention.

The nicest it will look if you take rainbow carrots but of course it works with all kinds of carrots.

Take biological/organic carrots so you do not necessarily need to peel them.

Just wash them and sprinkle some rap seed oil on top, some himalaya salt, some black pepper and a bit of cumin.

Then you let them be in the oven for about 30 min till the soft and still tender crunchy.

While they are in the oven you prepare a nice tahini-cumin sauce:

2 Tablespoon tahini

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 Teaspoon cumin

A bit of black pepper and himalaya salt.

and mix it all nicely

soooo yummiiii

Taste it and put it aside!


Chop a broccoli head up and slice some good organic tofu, put it all in a baking pan add some sliced garlic cloves and sparkle some whipped coconut milk on top (I whipped it with a bit of coconut sugar)

For some nice flavour and color also bless it with some curcuma.

In the oven with this for the remaining 15 min the carrots still need to be roasted.


While those two delicious dishes are roasting it up in the oven you can prepare a bowl of


chop up 3-4 tomatoes

chop 1 fennel into thin slices

cut with a scissor some parsley in it

and press 1 lemon over the whole bowl with, just if you like some balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Now the time is ripe for the baking goods to be taken out.

You only need to creme up the carrots with the tahini sauce and present it nicely on  a plate


Voilà shelf is finished and dinner is ready.

Both are happy

yours truly