Full Moon in Taurus 27.11.15

Full Moon in Taurus 27.11.15


The flavor of the full moon in Taurus reminds us to fully indulge in all of life’s goodness. The sweat treat of each moment is a gift beyond our comprehension. Each moment is designed to savor and enjoy with all of our senses.

Taurus is the zodiac sign which maximizes pleasure, and minimizes pain as a lifestyle.
BUT we don’t want to overdo it or anything. Over indulgence is the shadow of Taurus.
Don’t we all know this feeling where we just eat for the sake of having eaten…
We eat out of habit and we choose to do things only within our own comfort zone…
So try all the flavors tonight so you KNOW that what you love IS the most decadent.
Eat just that and find the gratitude through full sensory indulgence. Taurus is the pleasure seeker that eats for the taste sensation. Delight yourself in the sensuality and sexuality of being in the body now. Fully embodied presence.

So Ask yourself:
What are you grateful for?
What are you into?
What is your favorite food?
What is your fix?
How do you wanna celebrate your taste budds?

ENJOY mmmmhmmmmmmm

I am wrtiting this while I eat some raw chocolate :Seasalt and Vanilla from Lovechock….my kind of Taurus night …
Love& Light